13 juli 2018: Summer Camp in Spanje 13 - 15 juli (NL)

Schrijf je in voor het Guitar Summer Camp!

Summer Camp in Spanje 13 - 15 juli

The AZALA GUITAR WEEKEND offers a super inspiring learning environment for true guitar lovers. Three workshops based on guitar technique, improvisation and compositions will stimulate you to explore and discover the real value of the instrument. All of this without never loosing the PRACTICAL focus out of sight!

WIM DEN HERDER is a world renown dutch guitarrist, arranger and composer with a lifetime of performing and teaching experience. Tommy Emmanuel and Harry Sacksioni consider Wim as one of the best acoustic guitarists. Wim den Herder gained notoriety with his new technique Wimpicking and video's in which he plays along with Oscar Peterson reaching the highest speeds ever witnessed.

AZALA GUITAR WEEKEND will be held on the month of July 2018, from Friday 13th to Sunday 15th. AZALA SPACE is an accommodation and educational facility for artists-in-residence and performing arts projects.Comfortable and cozy wooden cabins located at the village of Lasierra (Sierra del Tuyo) are perfectly suited to accommodate 4 persons, with shared kitchen and toilet. Visit their site at: http://www.azala.es/

​AZALA GUITAR WEEKEND pack has a cost of 150E. The following items are included in this price:
- 3 Guitar Workshops attendance with associated educational materials
- Two night accommodation (on four-person house facilities)
- Friday´s 13 evening dinner. Saturday´s 14 breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sunday´s 15 breakfast and lunch
* An optional extra fee of 20E will be charged for those who need transport from Bilbao airport/city or from Vitoria-Gasteiz to Lasierra (Álava) and back. This service is offered by the organization of AZALA GUITAR WEEKEND


Wim has a very simple trick that will give you the possibility to achieve anything on the guitar! With this and a lot of dedication he developed his unique Wimpicking technique: playing multiple parts at the same time on the guitar. Motorically everything is achievable. It has to do with a focus similar to that in Kung Fu. In this workshop you will get technical examples to practice and you will lay the foundation for a better practice strategy.

Did you always want to improvise over chords as free as a bird? In this workshop Wim focusses on gypsy, blues and jazz improvisation. You will all get the chance to play solo's (no matter your level, even the absolute beginners will get the hang of it!). You will get examples, improve your chord and scale knowledge, If you want to prepare you can go to this website that Wim made to learn improvising: www.backingtrackmachine.com

Want to create your own music? In this workshop you will do exactly that! It seems like magic, but here you will learn real strategies that help you be creative and use effective structures to improve your own music. It's appreciated if you bring your own music and ideas, but if you're completely new to this, that's fine too. You will start with the absolute basics and you will also hear the master tricks of composition.

Summer Camp in Spanje 13 - 15 juli (NL) op 13 juli 2018.
Workshop (€150)
Locatie: Close to Bilbao, Spain. See: http://www.azala.es/es/

Schrijf je in voor het Guitar Summer Camp!